About Us

Circle City Futbol Club (CCFC) formerly known as Franklin Township Soccer Club is a youth soccer organization located in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana on the southeast side of the city. CCFC strives to promote and teach the game of soccer, develop players at all levels and skills, and to create an environment where local youth can learn good sportsmanship and fair play while encouraging all players, coaches, officials and spectators to enjoy the game.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Circle City Futbol Club is to provide a fun, safe and healthy environment for its soccer players. CCFC is committed to provide the best available leadership, training, facilities and programs to all of its members.

Our primary goal is to foster the mental, emotional and physical well-being of our youth through the sport of soccer. We will strive to develop desirable psychological and social characteristics as well as physical skills and fitness. The Club will strive to develop good sportsmanship through a positive learning environment. The Club will encourage community volunteerism by providing quality educational programs so that parents can interact positively with youth through coaching.

Convenience and Affordability

Circle City Futbol Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing value to families looking for a positive youth soccer experience for their children. CCFC is pleased to offer an affordable fee structure while also providing training and resources to both players and coaches.

Offered Programs
The Recreational Program is devoted to the enjoyment of the game in a learning environment without the emphasis of higher level competition and time commitment. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, learn the sport and develop skills to promote life skills and further soccer growth.

*Rec Plus:*
The Rec Plus program was designed for clubs that do not have enough players to support a full in house league. The season will include 10 games with travel commitments of around an hour. Rec Plus is offered to CCFC players ages 13U and up.

Little Stars:
Little Stars is a unique program for 18 month to 3 years old. Each “Little Star” is assigned to a team with a coach and will be given a full soccer uniform (shirt, shorts, and socks). Little Stars participate in age appropriate drills and activities that are setup to develop basic skills, familiarize them with soccer, encourage soccer play, and burn off some energy.

Elite (Travel):
The Elite Program is the highest level of competition offered by CCFC for any player between the ages 8U and 18U. The players are coached by CCFC licensed coaches.

The Adult league is a recreational soccer league for adults ages 19 and up. The CCFC Adult league plays 8 games over the summer months and a tournament at the end of the season.


Anders Weaver


Brandi Young

Vice President

Sam Hannah


Curtis Gilbreath


James Devine


Director of Recreation

Jennifer Siebenthal

Director of Select Soccer

Pat McCarthy

Director of Elite (Travel)

Mark Carne

Director of Concessions

Referee Coordinator

Justin von Buchler

Director of Sponsorship and Marketing

Samantha Hannah

Director of Public Relations and Social Media

Little Stars

Little Stars Coordinator (18 months to 3 years old)

Recreational 6U Coordinator

(4 & 5 years old)

Mike Flanagan

Recreational 8U and 10U Coordinator (6, 7, 8, 9 years old)

Recreational Coordinator

Jennifer Siebenthal

Recreational 12U Coordinator (10 & 11 years old)

Yuri Rodriguez

Hispanic Relations

Mike Phillips and Justin von Buchler

Directors of Field Maintenance

Vicki Carne

Volunteer Coordinator


Mary Adams Elementary School

(p) 317-771-4066

Home of Circle City Futbol Club’s Recreational fields and some Select Soccer fields. If you need a golf cart ride while at this site, please call (317) 771-4066.

7341 E. Stop 11 Road, Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Kitley Elementary School

This location hosts Academy (8U-10U) and 12U Elite (Travel) soccer fields.

8735 Indian Creek Road South, Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Indianapolis World Sports Park

This location hosts Circle City Futbol Club’s 13U and up Elite (Travel) soccer fields.

1313 S. Post Road, Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Mailing address

(p) 317-709-4685